Calvary Campus Church is a body of Christ-like, radical, sold out and Spirit empowered disciples of Jesus seeking His face as first priority and reaching out to Internationals to love, evangelize and disciple, inspiring the nations to worship and love God through His grace and mercy.

These are our core values:


We are Christ-centered worshipers living a scriptural-based, reverent, passionate and expressive lifestyle to glorify His name and dwell in His presence.

Holy Spirit

Our walk is through a personal knowledge and baptism of the Holy Spirit to be vessels of His supernatural power and manifestations.


We believe prayer to be the foremost priority and are committed to igniting God’s people to a lifestyle of fervent intercession and effective spiritual warfare.


Building life-long, cross-embracing disciple-makers, who are intimate with Christ and dependent upon God’s preeminent written and spoken Word.


Our goal is to be conformed to the image of Christ in motive, attitudes, speech and conduct to serve with excellence, integrity and in joyful submission to our God and King.


As our highest priority, we are committed to building a loving and hospitable cross-cultural community of genuine, accountable, Christ-centered friendships by cultivating godly communication in healthy cell groups.


Our mandate as ambassadors of Christ is to work at imparting a loving heart and knowledge of International student ministry by building cross-cultural relationships to effectively advance God’s kingdom.


We are called to be Spirit-led witnesses who live and creatively proclaim the gospel of Jesus’ love, trusting God’s law and grace to bring Holy Spirit conviction for true repentance for the reaching of lost souls.

Our Core Values

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